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TikTok July Recap: Body Inclusivity

Written by: Kylie Steinhilber, M.S.

I'm a millennial, maybe even a Gen Z. Who really knows where the cut-off is? What I do know is that as a young person, I am obsessed with TikTok - no shame. Amidst news that Tik Tok may be banned, I am unsure where this series I wanted to start may go (or not). What I do know is the benefit of the communities that exist within the app and how much the mean for mental health awareness. There are tons of positive, creative, and intelligent minds creating content that speaks to my core passions in health and wellness. One of my favorite "communities" within the app is, what I'll call the body inclusivity community. I refrain from using "Body Positive" as there are issues with the origins and continued movement of body positivity, which I will eventually dive into more in a separate post. Additionally, body inclusivity means so much more than feeling "positive about your body". To me, it means size-inclusive fashion, gender-inclusive fashion that lets you express yourself, it means breaking down size discrimination, promoting fat acceptance, body neutrality, and yes, body positivity, too. Whatever you want to call it, here are some of my faves from July 2020 that bring me joy.

1. @dumbmillenial - A fun TikTok to show that fashion is for all bodies

2. @sydneygracescott - Fashion that is inclusive and trendy while featuring black-owned business

3. @midsizequeens - Making a space for mid-size folx

4. @brucemus - Popular trends are for Big & Tall men too!

5. @tristamarie.e - Confidence and self-love are not dependent on what your body looks like

@deannabombchica - If you have a body + if you have bikini = bikini body

6. @dumbmillennial - Reminding us that body inclusivity is not a performance of body positivity

7. @hfulendorf - On the harm fat phobia does... "just a friendly reminder that complementing weight loss is fat phobic and supports eating disorders."

8. @petttynorm - Fat acceptance started as a way to combat the systemic issues of fat shaming and discrimination towards people with larger body sizes. Let us not forget this.

8. @amazonprimevideo - Jayde Adams, a British comedian - A reminder to not forget the roots of the body positivity movement in fat acceptance

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