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health of every kind for every kind of person

Health of Every Kind is a collective of three psychologists who aim to promote the health and wellness journeys of their clients. We specialize in providing health psychology services for those coping with chronic medical illnesses or conditions. Health of Every Kind is dedicated to attending to the needs of diverse people with intersecting identities of gender, race, ethnicity, age, sexuality, disability status, and more.


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Health of Every Kind does not currently provide therapeutic services. We plan to provide limited private services for those coping with chronic medical conditions. Our public resources should not be substituted for psychological therapy or medical support. If you are in need of these services, please visit our "Resources" page to connect with providers near you. 

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Our blog contains think pieces from our advocacy work.

Learn about us, our clinical work, and other projects we've engaged in.


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Kylie M. Steinhilber, Ph.D., Lynne-Marie Shea, Ph.D., & Natasha Ramanayake, Ph.D.

Kylie, Lynne, and Natasha are clinical psychologists, colleagues, and friends who have a passion for helping others explore what it means to be "healthy". Learn more about us by clicking below!

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